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Kenya Nyeri

Kenya Nyeri

SKU: kenya-nyeri-no-city

A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

Nyeri is a fairly dense coffee, focusing especially on buttery caramel. The wet grounds of City+ roasts are near floral, not unlike dried wild flowers or floral-ly caramels. The cup shows flavors of burned sugar and cinnamon. It's very sweet at lighter roasts, with City+ showing lots of brown sugar and sweetened black tea. Hints of grape come through as the cup cools. Full City brings out emerging chocolate flavors, a touch of hickory, and nice cacao richness in the finish. Unlike most Kenyas, this one does well at darker roast levels too (excluding French), and makes outstanding SO espressos.

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**Farm Gate priced**

French roast level is not recommended for this cultivar. 

Our friend and colleague John Duhring treats us to a flyover from California to the Nyeri region of Kenya, and then from there walks us through his tasting routine to uncover Nyeri's special attractions.