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Like many other startups, HelioRoast began in a private home. After a very pleasant career as a schoolteacher and administrator, Kern Trembath decided to switch gears and roast coffee instead. He began with a web search, a hot-air popcorn popper, some excellent green beans from Sweet Marias in Oakland, and lots of optimism. He soon discovered what first and second cracks meant, and sugar extrusion on the bean surface, and how to leverage them to produce coffees that he enjoyed drinking. Family, friends, and customers soon followed, as did lots more learning.

Kern's house has solar cells and so he named the company HelioRoast. This aligned with his intention to maintain a high green profile in his personal and professional life. (For the same reason, HelioRoast uses the USPS to ship its products.) This also dictated the kind and size of roaster he eventually purchased: electric! At this point in history, electric roasters are small, although there are lots of indications that they will grow larger in the coming years and decades. More Google searches led to the world's best (we're not biased....) manufacturer of electric roasters -- Coffee-tech -- which manufactures and ships its machines from just south of Tel Aviv, Israel. HelioRoast's FZ-94 maxes at 2.4 KG, which is both artisan-level and orders of magnitude smaller than most 60+ KG commercial roasters. He fully expects this love affair to continue regardless of how the business scales in the future.

HelioRoast expanded its sales to include coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores in 2017. The following year its operations moved to Treasure Island, in the middle of San Francisco Bay. There are many days when Kern wonders why he waited so long to produce coffees he loves drinking in one of the world's most beautiful locations.

HelioRoast's artisan commitment means that we only roast on demand. Freshness is the single most important characteristic of excellent coffee, and our bags will always include the roasted-on date -- which is also the shipped-on date. You can get excellent coffees from many roasters, but none will be fresher than HelioRoast.