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As noted, coffees have even more taste variety than wines. And no one wonders if it's worthwhile to spend time pairing your favorite wines and foods.

(Speaking of wines, did you know that they have over 400 "flavor characteristics" that combine to produce the richness and depth of both their aroma and taste? Well, coffee has over 800. And when combined with the fact that coffee is meant to be savored at a wide temperature range, whereas red and white wines are each typically drunk in a very narrow such range, you can see why we believe that paying attention to pairings will also pay dividends!)

Here are some flavorful parings for the single-origin coffees available at HelioRoast.

Our African coffees

Most African coffees have berry flavors, and many have various spices, and/or floral notes in addition. Cocoa emerges with darker roasts. See our bean descriptions for more specific details.

     Body: usually medium
     Acidity: fruity! — but lower at darker roasts 
     Optimal flavor complements: berries, cardamom, citrus fruits, cinnamon, chocolates, currants & raisins

Optimal pairings:
     Biscotti: chocolate-dipped, coconut, orange
     Cheeses: mild bries, high-cream types, camembert, mild cheddar, double-cream gouda, havarti, mozzarella (both raw & cooked), ricotta, swiss
     Cheesecake: chocolate, berry, citrus
     Cobblers: berry and apple
     Entrées: pasta primavera, poultry, creamy sauces 
     Rolls & scones: cinnamon, cranberry, current / raisin, nuts & nut-topped, oatmeal
     Pies: cream, peach

Our Asian / Pacific Island coffees

     Optimal flavor complements: butter, caramel, cheeses, cinnamon, fruits, herbs, maple, toffee

Optimal pairings:
     Bars: cinnamon, caramel, toffee
     Biscotti: cinnamon, maple- or toffee-dipped
     Cheeses: medium to sharp cheddar, gouda, Parmesan, Provolone
     Entrées: egg dishes, lasagna, herbed vegetables and meats, sausage, fall and winter soups 
     Muffins: herb- and/or cheese-based muffins
     Pies: apple, pecan & other nuts