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Earlier we noted that on average, roasted coffees taste noticeably stale between 12-14 days after roasting. It’s even worse for grinding: 11 minutes! Grinding beans vastly increases the number of flavor-bearing surfaces, and hence oxidation. This is why you should always grind your own beans, as close as possible to your brewing time. Even a blade grinder will produce a better taste than what was ground several days ago. Of course, if you can, buy yourself a good slow-rotating burr grinder. Are they more expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Yes. Our favorites for home use: the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder and their more recent (and less expensive) Opus Conical Burr Grinder, the Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder, and the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder.. Breville and Baratza also make higher-end home grinders.

We realize that not everyone has a grinder. If you would like HelioRoast to grind yours before shipping it, let us know on the Purchase page. And be sure to indicate how you're going to make it so that we know where to set the grind. (Do this in the "Need to leave us a note?" box connected to Contact and Delivery web page.)

If you read the "chemistry" link on the "Why HelioRoast" page, you also know why coffee storage merits your attention. Once past the coasting time -- which usually closely  coincides with the day that your coffee is delivered to you -- it should last up to 14 days before becoming noticeably stale. The best way to extend this freshness period is to store your coffee in airtight containers because they suppress oxidation.  If you want to use a canister a de-gassing valve is optimal, but even a (for instance) sealed Mason or Ball jar will work well. Keep it in a cool and dry place -- for instance, a below-the-counter cabinet or shelf. Do not use your refrigerator or freezer, because as soon as the beans are removed and begin to warm up to room temperature, they will dissipate moisture that contains flavor-producing chemicals -- i.e., become stale.

Appropriate home storage is all the more important now that HelioRoast has migrated to fully-compostable bags. These are a fine-weave paper lined internally with a vegetable-based coating. They will easily retain your coffee’s freshness for the time spent between shipping and receiving, but we recommend transferring your coffee to a sealed container as soon as you can afterwards.

HelioRoast labels will always tell you when your order was roasted.