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identifying your coffee template: 
discover what pleases you and insist on it whenever you drink coffee

Coffee UX (User eXperience) is HelioRoast's campaign to increase your coffee enjoyment — wherever you drink it — by providing standard terms to help to understand and interpret your coffee experiences. Several key ones are included below.

Think about the menus at your favorite restaurants. Under "Entrée," do they have "Meat," "Fish," and "Carb?" Under "Wine," do they have one line each for "Red" and "White?" Under "Vegetable," do they have "Green Stuff?" Hardly! (In fact, many excellent menus include more wines than entrées.)

Now let your mind wander down the page to the "Beverages" or "Desserts" section, and what do you see? A single entry called "Coffee."  Seriously? Coffee has twice the flavor-bearing characteristics of wine, and unlike wines can be enjoyed at various temperatures. But despite this greater complexity, the menu still mournfully says: "Coffee."

HelioRoast wants to help you to change this. Identify your "coffee template," and then insist on those tastes and flavors wherever you drink it — home, school, work, restaurants. You can buy coffees for your home and workplace here, of course, so let us know if we can help with your other favorite locations. We'll provide samples on request, and taste-testings and other training for restaurant and grocery employees if at all possible.

Expect better coffee offerings, and let your wait staff know if the kitchen does not provide them.

(ps: "Basic Characteristics of Coffee Flavors" and "Additional Flavor Descriptors" below are images. If you want to save one or both, drag & drop them to your desktop, or Press-Hold-Save Image on mobile platforms.)