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We Like HelioRoast Coffee.


We have the best coffee customers in the world! Here's what a few of them say about us. We bet you can guess why we think they're great....


Just One Cookbook   says "...we want to introduce you to a bay area coffee roaster we simply love -- HelioRoast. 

They offer truly extraordinary coffee beans and it’s run by a former university professor named Kern Trembath. There are a few unique characteristics about Helio Roast:

They use electric roasters powered by solar energy.
They only roast the beans after you order them. You decide on the type of beans you want and roast level, and your coffee bean is handcrafted just for you.

We discovered their beans at a local supermarket and so far they’re our favorite among all the San Francisco coffee roasters.

We’ve tried Sumatra Toba Batak, No Fear, and Sumatra Lintong Pak beans roasted at Full City+ level and they were amazing.


And there's more from Just One Cookbook!

Another bay area coffee roaster we highly recommend and offer truly extraordinary coffee beans is HelioRoast Coffee. It’s run by a former university professor named Kern Trembath. There are a few unique characteristics about Helio Roast:

They use electric roaster powered by solar energy.
They only roast the beans after you order them. You decide on the type of beans you want and roast level, and your coffee bean is handcrafted just for you.

There is nothing like freshly roasted coffee beans, the resulting coffee is simply excellent.


We're serious coffee people and have tried so many craft roasts over the years but your coffee is consistently wonderful. If I run low and try to sneak in a pot of another roaster's coffee my family immediately knows and asks why it tastes weird. So glad we found your business and wish you the best!

-- Erik 


Hope you're doing well! Just wanted to drop a quick note since we've had a couple of orders from you now with the mix of Kenya Nyeri and Ethiopia Harrar beans. All I can say about the Harrar is, "Wow, wow, wow!" It makes fantastic drip and pour-over Brews and has instantly become the new family favorite. 

Your coffee has really become a part of my family's daily life and we love supporting your business.

-- Alex 


Coffee arrived! Always makes me happy. Thanks for being so responsive to my shipping inquiry. World class customer service.

— Jason


Hi Kern,

I just want to say not only do I love your coffee, but I love the personal touches. Thanks so much for the care you put into your coffee and customer service! 

— Alison


HelioRoast partners with the Gubbio Project to provide “Divine Coffee” for San Francisco’s unhoused population.


Kern, I hope this finds you well. I want to thank you very much for your coffee and each month you include a postcard with a message to me. 

You don't even know me, and it lifted my spirits when I opened your package, smelled that fantastic coffee, and read your postcard. I thank you so much for that personal touch. Steve, my best friend, started this wonderful gift of yours when I was co-authoring with him, and that book was done over 2 years ago. 

This is such a wonderful client touch that you perform and shows how committed you are to your customers; that, sir, is a rare thing in business, especially nowadays. Please feel free to use this on your testimonial page.

— Peter


It's always a treat to open a shipment of your coffee ..... kind of like getting more than one birthday present a year.

-- Colleen


I just finished a cup of the Sumatra Toba……Wow!   Plum,  chocolate and cinnamon with grapefruit at the end. I love it! Thank you ☕️☕️☕️Cathy


Happy Holidays!  I am sitting here drinking my delicious coffee, [in particular] the Yemeni Sana'a that I ordered.  It was delicious as well!  You were right about it tasting very different and I really enjoyed it as a change.  For the first time I think I understand what people mean when they describe coffee as being 'chocolatey'.  It has that slight dark chocolate richness and what I'd describe as almost a 'dustiness' like really, really dark chocolate does.  (A particular favorite of mine btw.).  [My husband] described the flavor as being deeper and I'd agree with that too.  

I'm grateful to have learned about your company.  I wish you health and happiness for the holidays and tremendous success in 2023 and beyond.  



I just wanted to say that your company is awesome. We first tried the a Sumatra and when I ground the beans it was like Thanksgiving or Christmas the smell reminded me of something I Cook on Holidays. Then I tried the espresso blend and right away noticed the feeling it gave me, it is my go to first cup of the day! Lately it’s been the Sumatra, and I have to say the Two Sun’s blend is the answer to the dilemma of finally finding awesome coffee and the need to sleep at night. And if I really feel the desire for one more cup the full decaf is perfect as well.



Google Business Review left by icanhasurvideos:

Artisanal custom roast levels and single origin beans create a quality of coffee that stands head and shoulders above the corporate coffee shop brands, for around the same price.


I heard about Helio Roast through my friend, [name]. I was at a brunch he and his partner were hosting and they brought the Yirga Cheffe out in a ceramic coffee carafe. They didn't say where it was from, but when I had my first cup, I had a near synesthetic experience! I loved this roast! I enjoyed its golden, earthy, berry flavor notes. I'll be ordering it again. 



Hi, David.

[…] I just noticed that it’s almost exactly a year since your first order with us, and I hope you know how much we appreciate this! There are lots of very good coffees out there, and I hope that you encounter many of them. We’re just glad to be on that list!

— Kern

I'm surprised it's been a year!  Have tried many local roasters and what truly separates HelioRoast from the rest is the customized roast level and the personal connection you create with your customers.  Beans, of course, are top quality but so are Verve's and Highwire's.  But they can't match the personal touch you provide which promotes goodwill.

— David


I’ve been drinking HelioRoast Coffee for 7+ years now. Once I got the taste of their French Blend, there was no turning back.  My shipments of the beans arrive early or on time, so I’m never without coffee. I usually enjoy my coffee with a little bit of almond milk but this is the only coffee I can truly enjoy black. The flavor is exceptional and worth every penny and I’m glad to be continuing to support this small business! -- Rachel H. 


Thanks, Kern.  I appreciate your personal responses.  Just one reason I prefer working with local merchants.



RUN!!!!! I drank some of this coffee and started to throw up!!!!

Response from the owner a day ago
Thanks for your post, Michael. I regret that you did not like the coffee that you sipped. And I regret even further that we do not have a customer by the name of Michael Smith in Oakland. However, if you believe that it really was HelioRoast coffee, please let us know the cultivar, the roasted-on date, and whether you purchased it at a store (since we know you didn’t purchase it online).

Thank you, and again, we regret that you didn’t enjoy your sip of coffee.



You are the sunshine in my day with your emails 😊 no matter the weather here at home!

Will be in touch soon!



Dude, dunno what you did this time but I got the coffee order yesterday and this morning’s first cup is frikkin’ Dee-licious!!  Best batch ever. — wow, this is good!  Thank you so much! You make every morning brighter!  

(name withheld)



I purchased a bag of coffee last weekend at the West Oakland farmers market and have to say it has been fantastic. I've never experienced such a bloom with my pour overs as I have with Helio. 

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks!

Looking forward to purchasing more in the future. 




Tastiest and freshest coffee out there! We order direct and couldn't be happier with the product and service! Best there is!!

— Nikki