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Enjoy these videos of coffee-roasting techniques and secrets.  If you don't see what you want, email us from the footer below.  Or, make your own video and send us the embed URL.

Kern Trembath, HelioRoast’s owner, explains the six roast levels used by

commercial roasters.


Here’s a video that shows how to make an excellent espresso at home, using an 

Aram maker. John Duhring, a long-time friend from college, walks you through the steps

including why to grind your beans very slowly.

Enjoying Coffee: The First Steps

A Taste of Espresso: What is it and why is it so crucial for enjoying coffee?

Want to learn more about espresso? Check out this six-episode series by James Hoffmann.

Turkish coffee: how to make and enjoy it.

Siphon: The Best Brew Method (in our opinion, at least!)

Coffee as Food

Using a Taste Wheel

Identifying the various flavors of coffee is not a mystery. Instead, it’s putting what your tongue and mouth experience into words just like we do with all other foods. The most common of these words can be found in a flavor or taste wheel, and HelioRoast’s founder/owner shows you here how to use one.