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Ethiopia Ardi Decaf

Ethiopia Ardi Decaf

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A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

Ethiopia Ardi comes from the Harrar region of Ethiopia immediately to the east of Addis Ababa, which is where coffee plants originated both biologically and then much later commercially. Like all Harrars, it is a shortberry coffee, and thus very fruity with low acidity. When roasted from Full City to Vienna, it has substantial body, and increasing overtones of chocolate at the darker levels. Because eastern Ethiopia has such a low rainfall, it is dry processed, which means that the mucilage is removed by solar heat rather than by being soaked in water. This tends to mute some of the acidity and sweetness -- but there's plenty of both left to satisfy! Swiss Water Processing assures you of maximal bean character and minimal "decaf-y" taste and body.

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In his ongoing series "Smell the Coffee," our friend John Duhring taste-tests HelioRoast's Ethiopia Ardi decaf and finds, somewhat to his surprise, that it reminds him of a very pleased sea-otter resting on its back! We hope that you're just as pleased and just as relaxed....