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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe

SKU: ethiopia-yirga cheffe (organic)-no-city

A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

HelioRoast's Yirga Cheffe is optimized for espresso!

This coffee is not only sweet and floral but has a more significant chocolate character than most other Yirga Cheffes. Light roasts offer orange essence, lemon and floral jasmine notes. It is creamy in both body and mouthfeel, which delightfully nuances the acidity. Darker roasts have more sugar flavors but still retain the floral notes of lighter ones. City+ through Full City+ make perfect espressos.

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**Farm Gate priced**

John Duhring "flies" us from HelioRoast's headquarters to the royal region of Yirga Cheffe,  Ethiopia, to show us the coffee-drying racks that produce the high-quality and organic beans for which the region is noted. Then we're taken on a guided tour of how he grades this cultivar and finally produces the kingly image that you just clicked on. Enjoy one of HelioRoast's most popular coffees!