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Two Suns

Two Suns

SKU: TWO SUNS-no-city

A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

If you want to reduce the kick of our regular coffees, but not all the way, you'll love our house blend of half Sumatra Lintong and half Ethiopia Ardi SWP decaf. The bold roast retains the deep cocoa aroma and dark-fruit tastes of its parents and accentuates the deep caramel sweet scent. As the cup cools it gets bolder, leaving a very pleasant and long after-taste with a marvelous creamy mouthfeel absent in most decafs.

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Our friend and colleague John Duhring offers another instance of his Smell the Coffee series, this time a delightful short-form video about our Two Suns half-caf blend which he "locates" over San Francisco. You've never seen The City like this!