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Sumatra Lintong

Sumatra Lintong

SKU: sumatra-lintong pak (organic)-no-city

A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

The dry fragrance has intense chocolate and caramel biscuit tones, with molasses, chocolate-coated raisin and dark berry. Sugar-browning notes like butterscotch, caramel and spice are present in the wet aroma, with some plum and blackberry fruits. The cup has a great rustic sweetness, with Concord grape notes, molasses, cinnamon stick, black tea, fresh tobacco, and strong mulling spice in the finish. Light roasts have a more malty roast taste, fading to chocolate with plum/prune fruit. Darker roast levels have dark malt syrup, and a thick slab of fruited/chocolate flavor. This coffee has a body that is nicely weighted like apple juice. Makes a good single-origin espresso.

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John Duhring's Smell the Coffee! series includes a video overview of our Sumatra Lintong roasted for espresso, and then visually AI-interpreted  through the eyes of Salvador Dali.