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Rwanda Kivu

Rwanda Kivu

SKU: rwanda-kivu kibuye-no-city

A full 12 oz / 340 gram bag.

Kibuye is a super star Rwanda with all the top notes you hope for in a highlight coffee. City+ roasts are complex, showing a sweetness that is like raw cane juice. As the cup cools, mellow citrus notes fill out the profile, lemon oil, orange tea, all reminiscent of lemon-mandarin rice candies. Cinnamon stick, clove, and all-spice notes arise in both light and more developed roasts, and you can expect mouth-cleansing acidity throughout. Full City brings chocolate roast tones to the profile. The middle roast ranges make for a standout pour-over brew, and Full City produces one of the best African espressos of the year. 

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