K-cups and Verismo

We are often asked our opinion about more convenient ways to make coffee, especially those using K-cups and the new Starbucks Verismo machines.

Having tasted cups of both, they're not bad. This is unlike instant coffee, for instance, which is nearly impossible to make well.

The major advantage of pod-based coffees is not taste, but rather that they are extremely convenient. In terms of both preparation and cleanup, they are a lot simpler and quicker than using our preferred methods: manual pour-over and French press. (We presume that you will recycle the plastic.)

The question you should ask, therefore, is the price that you're willing to pay for such convenience. HelioRoast regular coffees cost $13.00/lb, while the retail cost of K-cups can exceed
$50.00/lb. And, of course, they were roasted and ground several weeks or even months ago.

HelioRoast will never question your decision to enhance your love, and consumption, of coffee. But we will not sell pod-based coffees. The best coffee that you can drink was roasted less than a week ago and ground less than 10 minutes ago, and HelioRoast sells it for $13.00 per pound. Pod-based coffees simply can't keep up.

If you use a pod-based coffee maker, we strongly encourage you to buy re-usable pods such as the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter to keep them out of our landfills. You can then enjoy your favorite HelioRoast flavors with the convenience of a pod.